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Lotta books I'd like to recommend but One stands out among the rest. Book's called SIDDHARTHA by Hermann Hesse. It's a story about a Buddha. Siddhartha changed my life. Could change yours, give it a shot.

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Jose "Joe"Gutierrez C.A.M., R.P.A.

(Community Association Manager and Real Property Administrator)

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Hi and Congratulations on getting here. From now on your life will never be the same. What you read here today will have an effect on how you see yourself tomorrow. Every today of your life has been effected by your yesterdays. Your life will change; not just because you got here, but because of the effect that what you read here will have on your psyche. ----- Muy Importante!  Always Think Positive.

There are 2 poems on this site. Both will make an impression, however they will be very different impressions.

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