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Hi and Congratulations on getting here. From now on your life will never be the same. What you read here today will have an effect on how you see yourself tomorrow. Every today of your life has been effected by your yesterdays. Your life will change; not just because you got here, but because of the effect that what you read here will have on your psyche. -----

Muy Importante!  Always Think Positive.

There are 2 poems on this site Desiderata and It's There. Both will make an impression, however they will be very different impressions.

Lotta books I'd like to recommend but One stands out among the rest. Book's called SIDDHARTHA by Hermann Hesse. It's a story about a Buddha. Siddhartha changed my life. Could change yours, give it a shot.

JGUTZ / C less BS Poll

There's still time to participate in the latest JGutz/ C less BS poll. 

The questions are:

1.) Where does it say "Violence begets more violence" A.) Old Testament B.) New Testament C.) The Qur'an  D.) So many many places

2.) Who was it that said "Vengeance is mine? A.) Yahweh B.) God C.) Allah

3.) Who was it that urged his followers to "turn the other cheek" when one was struck by an enemy? A.) Jesus B.) Gandhi C.) Joe Gutz 

4.) "Can't we all just learn to get along? ", was said by A.) Aristotle   B.) Plato   C.) Nietzsche D.) Rodney King E.) Arnie O'Conelly

5.) If all other western countries have cradle to grave health care for their citizens why don't we? A.) Because of the American Medical Association  B.) Because of the Insurance Industry Lobby C.) Because, We're not worthy

6.) Should Cuba have been considered a bigger threat to National Security than say--Communist China? A.) Yes B.) No

7.) Do you believe we need more political parties/choices?
A.) No. the guys that run from the two major parties are always the best and brightest leaders that our country is capable of producing.

B.) What are you fuckin crazy? OF COURSE WE DO!     C.) Not sure.

8.) Is there ANYONE out there, that the media could not shred to smithereens, should they decide to. A.) No. B.) Jesse Ventura ? C.) They could destroy him too,  but its nice to fantasize about him physically pounding the culpable media mogul into the ground.   

There won't be any results published. I just wanted to ask the questions. Thanks for reading them; do what you gotta do.


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